Yammer Expands Platform Integrations, Including Klout

Klout - www.office.com/setupwww.office.com/setup Blogs: Yammer is more than just a place to communicate with colleagues, share content and work in teams; it’s also the social layer that connects all of your existing line of business apps. It’s our goal to create a platform that enables a uniform social experience across the applications people use every day at work. Yammer connects people to one another and to the information they need to get work done – whether this content is a document [note] created inside Yammer, or something shared from an external business app.

While we continue to create deeper connected experiences across Microsoft products, we are also committed to expanding our partner ecosystem to include all enterprise apps.  In fact, we’ve doubled the number of partner integrations to 60 since we launched the Yammer App Directory in October 2012. We’re excited to highlight some of our newest integration partners, including Klout, which we are introducing today.

Klout’s integration with Yammer is twofold. First, as a Yammer user, you can publish your public Klout score and expertise directly on your Yammer profile. If you’re someone who has a lot of influence in the public social-sphere, this is a cool way to showcase your Klout score in the workplace. The second aspect of integration allows Yammer admins to turn on a deeper integration with Klout to produce Yammer-specific Klout scores for employees based on their activity within their company’s Yammer network. This is a great opportunity for organizations to identify top contributors and subject matter experts based on their Yammer participation. Check out Klout’s blog post to learn more.

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In the past few months, Yammer has also added integrations with 7Geese, a social performance management tool, and Scoop.it, a content curation platform. From the business intelligence side, Yammer partner GoodData introduced a new and improved integration in conjunction with sentiment analysis provider Kanjoya. The updated integration combines operational reporting and sentiment analysis in the same dashboard, providing full context on the structured and unstructured data from your Yammer networks. Analytics is top of mind for companies looking to measure the ROI of their technology investments, and this integration offers a unique way to measure the impact of Yammer conversations.

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Just as the volume of Yammer partners has increased, so has the adoption of and activity on these apps. The frequency of transactions between Yammer and partner apps, measured through API requests, has increased significantly. Compared to year-to-date numbers last year, API requests have increased 180 percent and are on pace to grow 300 percent by the end of the calendar year.

Given the power and flexibility of Yammer’s open APIs, it’s no surprise that partners continue to reap the benefits of their integrations with Yammer. Mindflash, the online training platform who partnered with us last summer, has seen a significant jump in free trials since joining the Yammer App Directory. Mindflash is benefitting from the exposure their app gets on Yammer as they can target companies who are embracing technology within their organizations — in fact, Yammer is one of their top sources of trials.

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We’re even broadening our partner ecosystem to include SharePoint partners. For example, SharePoint partners Axceler and Nintex have already developed integrations for Yammer, and we expect this trend to continue moving forward. The established SharePoint Partner ecosystem of over two thousand partners is embracing the app model, which is reflected within the SharePoint Store.

Coming this November, Yammer is launching a Developer’s Certification program, which will feature self-paced training, community groups, webinars, and a certification exam that develops the advanced skills necessary to be called a Yammer Certified Developer. It’s the latest addition to the certifications offered by Yammer Education Services. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to partner with Yammer. There are more than 12,000 developers using our open APIs to create deeply social experiences for business users to make companies more open, connected and productive. We’re looking forward to watching this ecosystem grow even more. Check out the Yammer App Directory to take advantage of these new integrations or learn how to build your own.

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