Where have you spotted OneNote?

www.office.com/setup Blogs: Nicole Steinbok is a Program Manager on the OneNote team. She has many dreams, including being on Dancing with the Stars.

I have a wish, a dream, a hope, a fantasy… that one day during a meeting at work, my team will break into a spontaneous, awesome, synchronized dance. Alas, it has not happened-yet. The closest I’ve been to having my wish fulfilled is this Surface Pro ad.

I love it! My kids love it! We’ve watched it many times. Then I noticed something: This is a Surface ad, but when you watch closely it’s also like it’s an ad for OneNote.

At 0:03, there’s the OneNote 2013 icon.


At 0:11, the ladies launch the OneNote Windows Store App in unison. Launching OneNote is so fast that before then can even cross their legs they can take notes.


At 0:20, we see inking on a graph in OneNote.


At 0:38, there’s a creative way to work together.


At 0:42, the guy is so excited about his graph in OneNote he does a special dance.


At the end, our old nemesis–paper note-taking–makes an appearance. I love how they do away with it! But no matter how high they throw their paper notes, they will not sync to the cloud and so they will not be available everywhere. Sad.


If you want to move your paper notes into the cloud, take a picture of them and insert the image into OneNote. OneNote 2013 converts the image into text wherever possible (right-click the image, then select Alt Text to check it out).  OneNote 2013 converts the image into text wherever possible. You can even search the text in your images if you have selected that option.

Where have you spotted OneNote? Let us know in the comments.

Nicole Steinbok

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