Teams and channels Blogs: Teams are collections of people, content, and tools that center around different projects and jobs within an organization. In Microsoft Teams, team members can have conversations and share files, notes, and more all in one place.

Select Teams in the sidebar and then open a team to see its channels. You need to be a team owner to create a team or add members, but anyone on the team can add channels.

Channels are there to help keep team conversations organized. You can dedicate channels to specific topics, projects, disciplines—whatever you like!

To add a channel, choose the more icon next to the team name and select Add channel.



How do I see all the teams I currently belong to?

Every team you belong to will show up in your teams list, either in your favorites or inside the More menu at the bottom of your list.


How do I search for and then join a team?

If you’re trying to join a specific team within your organization, click Add a team at the bottom of your teams list. In the search box in your teams gallery, start typing the name of the team you want to find. Press Enter, and your teams gallery will show you a collection of teams that match your search. Find the team you’re looking for and click Join team.


What’s the maximum number of people I can add to a team?

Any team in Microsoft Teams can hold up to 999 people.

How can I make a private team a public team or vice versa?

To change the privacy settings for your team from public to private (or vice versa), click the more icon next to the team in your teams list. Then select Edit team. That will open up a view that lets you edit the privacy settings for your team, and you can select either ‘public’ or ‘private’.


How do I join a public team?

To join a public team, click on the Add a team link that appears at the bottom of your teams list. You’ll see your teams gallery, including a bunch of suggested teams. Go to the team you’d like to join and then click Join team.

What’s the difference between a public team and a private team?

Private teams can only be joined if the team owner adds you to them. They also won’t show up in your teams gallery. On the other hand, public teams are visible to everyone from the teams gallery and you can join them without getting approval from the team owner.

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