Sapienta Holdings achieves 500 percent growth with Office 365 Blogs: The Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 continues to reveal the value of partnership, connectivity and community. Throughout the remainder of the conference, we’ll be posting stories from our partners who’ve successfully grown their business while helping more customers migrate to Office 365.

Today’s post is written by Roger Teo, Business Director of Sapientia Holdings. Sapientia Holdings is an accredited Microsoft Solution Partner with expertise in delivering both on-premise and Cloud based services and solutions. Its services include IT and latest technological solutions that enable companies to leverage the Cloud by combining and focusing on productivity, communication and collaboration.

It is hard enough to find people, let alone businesses, you can trust. Being the Business Director of Sapientia Holdings, I’m constantly faced with the challenge of gaining new customers’ confidence. When you discover a company you can depend upon, you value their relationship and pass their services on to people already in your own trusted circle.

In 2010, Sapientia Holdings saw the huge potential of cloud services and created a company to help deliver them. To say the least, we have been rewarded by an incredible return on investment thanks to Office 365. We initially experienced a 20-30 percent developmental growth, but with the launch of Office 365, our growth has skyrocketed to 500 percent. While we have conversations with customers about the benefits and value of the service, Office 365 really sells itself.

One of our clients, SD Group Asia, a small to mid-sized Education and Consultancy Company, sought our company out after being disappointed with Google in 2011. SD Group Asia realized that Office 365 was a more valuable solution offering data security and the ability to connect offline, but at a much greater capacity than Google offers. Now, they’re leveraging all the tools Office 365 offers and it only took one day to install. SD Group Asia put its faith in our company, and we delivered a product that will save them time, money and become much more productive.

Office 365 has changed Sapientia Holdings’ business model from being a traditional solution integrator to becoming trusted advisors; Microsoft and Office 365 were key in this transformation. We look forward to continuing this partnership and remaining a trustworthy business consultant for our customers in the years to come.

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