Microsoft Teams Quick Start – Next Steps Blogs: Have fun with emojis, memes, and stickers

Express yourself and impress co-workers with memes and customized stickers.

  1. Select Teams, and then select a channel.
  2. Select Select to open the Fun Picker. in your compose message box \ text editor.
  3. We recommend Office Drama stickers, so select Office Drama.
  4. Select a sticker, enter a fun caption and select Done.
  5. @mention co-workers before you send the message, and then press Enter.
Have fun with emojis and stickers -

Stay on top of things with Activity and notifications

You can easily see when someone @mentions you, likes something you’ve posted, or replies to a thread you’ve started. A number appears or increments on the Activity and Chat icons and an @ appears on the Teams icon.

  1. Select the Activity icon.
  2. To view conversations that apply to you, select Notifications. Select Recent to view up-to-date Team conversations.
Stay on top of things with activities and notifications -

Search for messages, people, or files

You can search across teams, channels, and files.

  1. Type a phrase in the Search box and select Select to start a search. .
  2. Select Messages, People or Files.
  3. Select the item in the search results. Alternately, you can click the Filter icon to sort or filter your search results.
Search for people, conversations, and files -

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