Discover apps for Project in the Office Store Blogs: Are you using the new Project and wishing you could enhance its powerful capabilities with apps? Project 2013 has great extensibility potential—even across devices. The new apps for Project enhance capabilities of Microsoft Project 2013 applications, including Project Pro for Office 365, Project Professional 2013, Project Online and Project Server 2013.

How do I add an app to Project Pro for Office 365 or Project Professional 2013?

Open Project. On the Ribbon, click PROJECT, then click Apps for Office.

All apps for Project associated with your account will show up. If you need to acquire new Apps from the Microsoft Office Store, click the Find more apps in the Office Store link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Start using your apps

The example below shows a project plan that has been synchronized to a project site in SharePoint or SharePoint Online and the highlighted app on the right SharkPro Insite shows data from your project site next to your document.


Here are apps you can acquire for Project Pro for Office 365 or Project Professional 2013:

How do I add an app to Project Online or Project Server 2013?

Choose the site where you want to add the app. On the Gear menu, select Add an app.

The apps you see will depend on your corporate environment and on whether you have already acquired apps from the Office Store. If you don’t see the apps you want in the list, you can add them. On the left side of the screen, click the SharePoint Store link to browse all available apps. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the apps you want.

Once the app is added to your site, launch the app by clicking on its name in the left hand navigation or see all apps that are ready to use on your site through the Site contents command on the Gear menu.

The following example shows the TPG Risk Chart that visualizes the project risks and shows them in a heat-map style chart.

More resources

Looking for Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA), Advanced Timesheeting, Portfolio Cost Management and Multi-currency? The Office Store has all that and more:

CS Milestone Trend Analysis

Publish All Enterprise Projects

2A QuickStart

SharkPro Project View for Project Web App

SOLVIN TrackTimesheet Go


TPG Risk Chart 

UMT Essentials Lite

Are you developer and would you like to build and App like that? Check out our developer resources.

If you haven’t experienced the new Project, learn more and give them a try:

Project Pro for Office 365
Project Online
Project Server 2013

Tell us what you think

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Project apps and how you’re putting them to work for you, as well as any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way.

Jan Kalis, Product Marketing Manager, Project and Visio

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