How to Add an Image or a document in Yammer? Blogs: Both files and images can be posted to colleagues or specific groups in Yammer. Files that are uploaded will show a file preview beneath the update. Images will also feature a preview of the image beneath the update. Clicking on the preview for an image will display the full image whereas clicking on the file will allow you to scroll through the pages of the document in a reader. Files can also be downloaded from the preview pane and reader as well. The Go to File option in the preview pane will also allow you to edit the name of the file and add a description.While creating a document or image post you have he option to also reference files and images that are already uploaded into Yammer. This minimises data duplication if you wish to promote a file that a colleague has uploaded already. When selecting this option you will be shown a menu which you can use to navigate to and select existing content. This guide will focus on uploading new content. Existing documents and images can be found by clicking on the (…) ellipses to the right of the search box at the top of the page and selecting Files. To upload a file or an image, follow these steps:

  • From SharePoint, click on Yammer from the suite bar and enter your password if required
  • Above the box labelled What are you working on? click on Add a Doc/Image
  • Click on Upload a File
  • Navigate to your file and click on it once
  • Next, click on Open
  • Finally click on Upload
For updates regarding documents and images, the More category offers the options to Stop Following, View Conversation, Add Topics, Bookmark, Email Me and Delete your update.
  • Stop Following – Stop receiving notifications about this update
  • View Conversation – View the entire conversation on a separate page
  • Add Topics – Tag this update with additional topics (#Tags)
  • Bookmark – Bookmarks an update which can be accessed from More on your profile page which can be unbookmarked by clicking the button again
  • Email Me – Sends this update or reply to your company inbox
  • Delete – If this is your update or reply you may choose to delete it

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